Sussex County has needs that are specific and unique to it’s people and communities. From taxes to environmental issues, it will take a relevant comprehensive plan to resolve each and every issue that plagues the county. As your next county councilman, I plan on addressing the issues of excessive taxes, maintaining roads, and water pollution among other issues that present themselves!

Learn more below:

  • Enhance fire/EMS services by providing necessary resources, enabling a more seamless manner.
  • Assess current buffers for adequate environmental protections.
  • Ensure waste water irrigation is not effecting residents drinking water.
  • Prevent further water pollution in communities.
  • Ensure ongoing emergency planning that addresses hazards an disasters, including immediate  county response to  continue day-to-day business activities.
  • Develop coalition to address the opioid epidemic that is specific to the needs of each community in Sussex County.
  • Reuse vacant properties for small business development and startups. 
  • Increase access and reliability to public sewer system. 
  • Agreement with DELDOT to increase county control of roads and define priority roads in case of natural disasters.
  • Redirect discretionary funds into small business grants for startups and nonprofits. 
  • Lower all permits and licensing fees for businesses. 
  • Create an online community job board for the county. 
  • Ensure fair tax rate after mandated reassessment.
  • Repeal hotel & lodging tax.
  • Work with local towns/cities to determine different methods of funding for public education.
  • Make county budget more understandable.
  • Increase transparency through a detailed check register.
  • Increase locally purchased goods and services.